Let’s create magic together


Hi! A little about me...

Thank you for stopping by. To tell  you a little about myself- I am a Canadian transplant now living in St Petersburg, Florida with my husband and three children. I love to cozy up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee or tea. I love to work out and spend time with my children. I am a natural light fine art photographer. I seek to capture beauty and emotions.  I love to take surreal pictures as it satisfies my creative soul. Please take a look around and don't forget to visit me on Instagram and Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!


What is your gear?

I shoot with a Canon Mark 3. I have a variety of lenses but prefer longer lenses- 85mm and up.

How do you edit your pictures?

I import all my pictures into Lightroom where I make basic adjustments like exposure, white balance etc and then export to Photoshop where I do most of my editing.

Do you teach or offer mentoring?

It’s something that I will be doing very soon!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to be the first to hear!

How do you add special effects to your pictures like butterflies and sparkles?

I get asked what app I use all the time. I actually add all my special effects in photoshop. I use overlays which are pictures that you overlap on your own picture- you can purchase these from Etsy and many of your favorite photographers. You can even make your own. As for phone apps, I know there are many out there it’s just that I’m unfamiliar with them. I know many people use bokeh cam fx but I’ve never used it so I can’t vouch for it.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been at this for about 5 years! It takes time to get better and we all grow at our own rates.

How do you make your cinemagraphs?

I make some in photoshop and I make some using an app called flixel. Flixel is pricey and since I’ve started doing them I know there are many more apps out there so look around! To make a still picture come alive you can use an app called platograph.