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I’m so excited to be blogging. I get so many questions on Instagram about everything from what I equipment I use, to how I edit, to any advice I can give people to take better pictures that I thought I would create a space to answer some of these questions. If you have anything you want me to cover please let me know and I will try my best. Today’s post will be very basic and answer the number one question I get- what equipment do you use?

My camera is a Canon Mark 3. There is a newer Canon Mark out on the market, but for now I am happy with this camera and it has served me well for the last 4 years.  My main lenses are the Canon 24-70L, 85L, 135 L, 70-200L, and Sigma 35.

If you follow me and my work you know I like a blurry background and dreamy images. These come from the compression that longer lenses provided- these lenses are usually lenses that are 85mm and up. I tend to use my 85L the most because my kids are young and I can’t be too far from them. The 70-200L is absolutely beautiful but I only use it at 200mm and that means I have to be very far from my subject and that’s not practical for me when i’m shooting my 2 year old by myself. However, when I do have someone to help me or I’m shooting my older kids it is quite beautiful. The 135L is the best of both worlds and the bokeh it provides is so buttery and smooth and you can’t go wrong for the price!!




I don’t have too many wider lenses but the 2 that I do have I use mostly indoors when I don’t have room to back up and when I want to include a lot of the environment when I’m outside. I’ll admit, I mostly use my Canon 24-70L because it’s super sharp. The sigma is beautiful and has an aperture of 1.4 which is great for indoors when it is dark but I’ve had a lot of focus issues with it so I don’t pick it up that often but your mileage my vary.


Sigma 35 Art

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