How to Create Magical Pictures


Use a long lens such as an 85, 135, 2000 mm lens. These lenses compress the back ground and give you that creamy blur and bokeh! 

This picture was shot at 200mm to get that creamy background!



Good light, whether natural or artificial adds magic to pictures. So get out at golden hour and capture your subject in creamy golden light. Blue hour the 10 minutes after sunset also creates a lovely mood. Or you can add some fairy lights, a lantern, fire, candle etc. the glow from these sources adds beautiful ambiance.

Love the light beams you see in everyone’s pictures? They’re super easy to capture. First find some light streaming in through a window ( a good indication there’s light streaming in is a pool of light on the floor) then get a fog machine, burn some bacon, or buy some atmosphere spray and mist it in the air. Wait a minute for it to dissapaite and voila you have magical light beams!!

Using fairy lights and candles to add light.


Style your picture

Let’s be real for a minute here- there is nothing magical about your child in a dinosaur t-shirt in a room full of legos and random clothes and socks. Yes that is reality and also important to capture, but if your goal is to create magical art and not just capture the moment then spend some time thinking about your location and what your subject is going to wear. As a rule, I avoid all shirts with logos or pictures and stick to classic or pastel colors and avoid very loud and fluorescent colors. I also love accessories- they make the oridinary a little more extraordinary- my go to accessories are typically bonnets, and hair accessories.

It’s also ok to move things for pictures and clear away junk. So many times people tell me my house is impeccable but in reality the mess is just in a corner out of the frame!

My kitchen isn’t actually barren. I took all small appliance off the counter as well as all other clutter. It’s all on the kitchen floor.


Add Editing Magic

I love to add stars, moons, sparkles, sun flares and butterflies to my pictures. If you edit on your phone look for apps that allow you to do this. If you edit in photoshop go to Etsy and everything and anything you could imagine is there at very affordable prices.  You could also try Deviantart for some free resources. Overlays and brushes are a really fun way to expand your creativity!!

Added some gold magic!