Favorite Shops For Kids Clothes

Clothing is a huge part of my images. I’ve said this before but when it comes to clothes I look for classic pieces. I avoid flourescent colors and shirts with logos or prints . I love pretty, girly and classic pieces. Some of my go to shops that you’ll see over and over in my feed are:

Zara Kids

This is probably my favorite place to buy kids clothes. The clothes are classic, well made and on trend. The price point is not too bad either.


Plum NYC

This shop makes the cutest Tutus that photograph beautifully. They’re not something we would wear to the playground but great for photoshoots and special events like birthdays.


Alice and Ames

This small online shop makes ballerina dress that do that wonderful twirl.  I love the fit and shape of these dresses. They are also incredibly comfortable and durable so perfect to wear to school and on playdates. 


Ladida Kids

This is an online boutique that has unique brands. We love everything from this store. Pieces can be pretty pricey but this is a designer boutique so it is what it is. Everything is very well made, unique and beautiful!



Ok, I love me some Target! I know no matter my need, I can always go to Target and find something pretty and classic. The prices are excellent and it’s just convenient to be able to  walk in to a store and leave with product in hand- who are we kidding with your product and 100 other things too!

Shokofeh Sora